Saturday, June 15, 2013

Summer Elements Blog Hop

Here's a blog hop I was jumping to get into!! When I heard Toltec Jewels was hosting the Summer Elements Blog Hop I was curious. So, I checked out the "rules". They were as follows: "Create and share what you love about an element of summer. It can be jewelry, beads, a recipe, a craft, vacation memories, campfire songs -- anything that celebrates summer. Whether it be gardening  advice, a quilt with a fireworks motif, a sand & sea necklace, your favorite apple pie recipe for the 4th of July, a sand dollar made of clay, a waterfall design, photography, or a tutorial for creating bath salts or potpourri from the garden!"

I recently purchased a Slip~n~Slide for my grandchildren. On the first day of their summer vacation we took it out of the box and broke it in! I made sure I had my camera handy. These pictures are the very epitome of summer!! I decided to for-go making Summer themed jewelry!!

Without further adieu - here are pictures of my grandchildren slipping and sliding!!
These pictures are prior to the slip~n~slide:

I must admit I have gorgeous grandchildren. This is 4 out of 8 of my grandchildren!

Slip~n~slide pictures: 

There ya have it! My idea of the Summer element of WATER! We have officially kicked off Summer at my house!! How about you?

Thank you Rita for hosting!!

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Chelle said...

I have to say I was very worried about the younger one... That first photo was just so sad.. lol What a nice way to kick off the summer. Hope the fun continues on... Have a great summer.

Unknown said...

What a fun time they had!! But where is the picture of you sliding down it?

Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone was having a great time! Enjoy your summer!

Unknown said...

Now THAT'S how you enjoy summer :)

Unknown said...

They have a great summer, that's for sure! Have fun too!

Toltec Jewels for Jewel School Friends said...


LOL! What a cool post! You are the best Grandma in the world! Your grandkids are awesome, and your photos -- fabulous action photography! I love the pictures of your gorgeous grandchildren sliding along, with the water frozen in mid-air! The wonderful smiles, slip-sliding right into summer -- now that's FUN!

Fabulous Summer post! Beautiful family, and beautiful photography.

ZenithJade said...

I loved the slip 'n slide when *I* was a kid! It was always so much fun! Thanks for bringing back happy memories!


Unknown said...

I never had a slip n slide, LOL I am too old but I remember the sprinkler and this reminded me of all of that fun!!! wonderful pictures and lots of fun. Thanks you for sharing!!! Have a Blessed Day!!!

Nelly May said...

You most cetainly have beautiful grandkids! I love that grumpy face at the top, made e giggle

Liz said...

Yeay! Slip and slides are THE BEST. That and running through sprinklers. Sooooo much the essence of summer. You're a great grandma!