Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Present, not Christmas Past

This Christmas, money was tighter than last year. I had to keep my gifts within a budget. I wasn't much into the Christmas spirit since my mom passed away.

I made 2 of the gifts under the tree. One necklace was for my daughter. Her favorite colors are pink and green. The charm and silver chain came from Dreamland Jewelry.

"You are My Sunshine" is the song my mother sang to me and my children when we were all younger. 

I made the turquoise necklace for my daughter-in-law. She loves turquoise. I made matching earrings as well.

The open heart charm came from Dreamland Jewelry. 

The rest of the gifts were all store bought. I did make a charm bracelet for my son's girlfriend. Pics will be posted later. 

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