Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Muse took a vacation or is in a coma!

I haven't been making any lampwork beads. It's too hot to turn on the kiln and its too hot to stand over a torch!

I think my muse is out smoking crack!

I am entered in Lori's Bead Hoarder Blog Hop. But I haven't gone through my hoarded jewels of beads.

My muse has surely been smoking crack!!

I have an order for a bracelet - from a friend. She is very understanding when I say "My creativity has left the building!"

If you have seen my mojo, please return it ASAP!

I'm also entered in a Summer Bracelet Swap. My partner mailed her bracelet yesterday. I haven't started.

For how long?!

I went to Hobby Lobby and purchased some new beads and a new pendant, thinking that would motivate me..... still nothing.

I started on a project for Beading Idol competition and stopped in the middle of the project. Thank God it's not due until August 15!

VERB??!! WHAT??!!

Maybe I'm not in the right mind?
I'm not in my right mind!

Since my muse has taken a hiatus/gone on vacation/in a coma, I am going to enjoy the moment. 

What will you do when your creative muse/mojo takes a vacation/hiatus?

I'm on vacation until my muse returns!

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