Thursday, April 18, 2013

I'm proud of my Children!

I was reading Lori Anderson's blog today, entitled Never Judge a Book by it's Cover - What makes YOU special? She writes about her son and struggling with personal issues. (click on the link above to read) Her blog inspired me to write about my own children and how special they are.

I have raised 3 children who are probably lucky to be alive in spite of me! 

My first born - Brian - is incredibly smart, funny, and loving (when he wants to be). He struggled most of his life with social anxiety and fitting in. Today, he has a beautiful family and is the best dad with his kids. He has 2 stepchildren and treats them no differently than his own 2 children. Brian has had his own demons to fight over the years, but today he manages a rent-to-own store and has established a career for himself. He is my special first born child. 

My second child is Trisha. She is my only girl. She has always been socially outgoing and well liked by most everyone. She got mixed up with the wrong man for a short period of time and was blessed with a gorgeous baby girl after 2 or 3 miscarriages. She loves children and deserves a house full, but has physical health problems that prevent her from being able to get pregnant. She is a wonderful mom. She remarried last April to a man who treats her like a queen! Like she deserves to be treated. She is about to start cosmetology school to become a hairdresser, her dream. I lived with Trisha when my late husband got sick and eventually passed away. She is an awesome roommate! When I started beading jewelry, she believed in me and encouraged me! Just as I have done for each of my children. She is my special daughter!

My youngest child is Shawn. He is my baby. He has 3 children and recently went through a tough divorce. He struggled with his wife leaving him. He moved in with me (which is another tough choice!). I watched him struggle with the changes his life took on. Shawn sunk into a depression that frightened me. I watched helplessly and provided much tough love and encouragement as he grieved the loss of his marriage to his childhood love. He has since blossomed into a loving and patient single father with joint custody of his 3 children. He is my roommate. He is a neat freak - which I adore!! He has become a mature and responsible adult. He is my special baby boy!

Words cannot express how proud of my kids I am! They have overcome some difficult obstacles in their lifetime. Some of it my doing, some of it their own doing, and some of it was out of their control. 

I am thankful for my family and their love and support! 

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