Saturday, March 16, 2013

Holiday Bling Blog Hop 3 Reveal!

This was a fun Blog Hop! My partner is Gina Hockett of Freestyle Elements. She is an incredible jewelry artist.
Gina and I tossed around a few "holidays" to celebrate and finally decided on Carnival Day. We both love lots of color! We also decided on making earrings to celebrate the occasion and for the swap.

Here is what I designed for Gina:
Lampwork beads by me, green and yellow colors were chosen to celebrate Mardi Gras Carnival!

These were designed for Gina. She loves long dangling earrings with lots of color. 

Here is what I received - The most incredible earrings EVER!!

Pretty Spring Carnival Earrings

Gina threw in a "special gift" just for me!

Ferris Wheel earrings in honor of County Carnivals!

Colorful Carnival Earrings!

Now for the rest of the blog hop participants!

 Alicia Marinache

Chris Schlicht TBD

Laura Reed TBD

Lennis Carrier

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