Sunday, August 5, 2012

Do you have a jewelry-making item you've never used?

I purchase things to make jewelry constantly. Beads, findings, scrap-booking finds, ribbon, thread, and so on and so on! I have tons of beads I've yet to use. I see them and know I will use them somehow, somewhere, someday! 

Occasionally, I buy something because its on sale, with the intention of using the item sometime. Beadcaps! I purchased a large quantity on eBay because they were an excellent price. Very pretty filigree beadcaps. I have never used them. Why? Why? Why?  
I can't seem to find the right bead, necklace, bracelet, earrings, to use them with. I think to myself - "next time!" But they never seem to make it into the design. Or, they don't look right. Or, I just plain forget to use them!

I hope someday to use them in a fabulous design!! I vow to find the right beads for my pretty beadcaps.  I'm also looking for alternative methods for using them. I know someone out there has used them for something other than a bead cap. What could it be!!???

Suggestions anyone?

Do you have something you bought to make jewelry, but have never used?
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