Sunday, June 17, 2012

Why I became a jewelry designer

I became a jewelry designer by accident. I found myself unemployed in the Fall 2011. I decided I needed a hobby, something to keep me busy. I searched Walmart's craft section looking for ideas. I found a cute beach glass necklace kit on clearance. I took it home and disliked the instructions and the original design. I altered it and designed my own. I posted pics on facebook. A few days later, I was approached about the necklace and asked if it was for sale. I sold it! I reinvested my earnings by purchasing more beads and a few pendants. Hobby Lobby had great clearance items (remember - I was unemployed). 

Since last fall, I have acquired nine 60-drawer storage containers full of beads and findings. I've entered 2 different craft fairs and sold a few more of my designs. My newest endeavor is making glass beads. My boyfriend bought me a lampwork/glass bead making kit.
I have found that making jewelry is very freeing for me. It is relaxing and the closest thing to meditation I've found. Making jewelry is how I am learning to express myself. 

What  I like best about designing jewelry is creating something, standing back, and admiring a work of art that I made. I never thought I would be a jewelry designer because I didn't think I had the creative ability. I have learned to "listen" to the beads and let them speak to me, then I create. 

The next best thing I like about being a jewelry designer is when someone purchases one of my pieces and wears it with pride. I love seeing my jewelry designs on someone else's neck. It's the best compliment! I also like the compliments I get from my friends. 

I recently had a friend tell me she thought I was crazy when I started designing jewelry. She informed she thought I was going to be making cheap gaudy stuff. She wrapped up her sharing with this, "I'm really impressed. You are really good at what you do!" And I thought I was my worst critic!

My biggest honor was designing and creating the jewelry for my daughter's wedding! I made the necklace and a matching bracelet.

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