Monday, June 18, 2012

My newest set of handmade glass beads

I have attempted to make beads with my torch several times now. My 1st bead broke because it stuck to the mandrel and I made too many tries at getting it off. My second set of beads I managed to get 3 out of 4 beads off the mandrels. My 3rd set all broke in my attempts at getting them off the mandrels.

I decided to ask for help in the 2 facebook bead groups I belong to - Bead Soup Cafe ( and Creative Bead Chat ( I received much advice - mostly consisting of thinning the bead release, cleaning the mandrels very well before dipping in bead release, and ultimately - buying a different brand of bead release. I tried the first 2 suggestions. THEY WORKED!!!!

Now - here are photos of my newest beads - all 5 came off the mandrels with very little effort. I annealed them, reamed, and filed them.

I made them with transparent blue glass and opaque orange spots.

The middle bead is opaque orange with transparent blue spots. 

My next feat will be to become more consistent in size and shape!

However - I am very proud of these beads!!!

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