Thursday, June 21, 2012

Have I always led a creative life?

Lori Anderson posted today's Blog Prompt: Have you always led a creative life? When did you know creativity was your passion?

My mother has always been creative. She loves to paint and write poetry. These days, she makes jewelry - mostly whimsical, young, jewelry.  So - she pushed me and my brothers to get in touch with our creative side. I remember, in the summer, my mom would give us a sentence and tell us to write a short story. She encouraged me and my brothers to take art classes. When I reached high school, I had a short story published in a scholastic magazine. I tried my hand at painting - not for me. I ended up in drama and speech classes and joined the debate team. I was in the band. I loved being in speech competitions. Prose was my forte'. 

After high school, I got married and had children. Creativity went by the wayside. Unless being creative in managing money and making meals on a shoestring budget counts! I have some poetry I've written over the years.

At my last job, of 13 years, my boss discovered I had a creative side. I was put in charge of developing crafts for each holiday for the clients (I worked in an inpatient mental health/substance abuse clinic for teens). I developed arts and crafts for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Mother's and Father's days, and 4th of July. I loved making handmade ornaments for Christmas, my favorite holiday. I had previously worked in another treatment center (for women only) and I was the Director of Activities. We made friendship bracelets, wallpaper fans, "God's eyes", and many more crafts. 

I guess I've known all my life that I'm creative. And I can say I am a passionate person no matter what I'm doing.  When I became a jewelry designer last fall, I decided I would work at becoming the best I could be. I believe a person, including myself, should be passionate about what they are doing, no matter what it is. If you're not passionate about what you're doing then you need to be doing something else.     

My answer to Lori's blog prompt questions.... 

"Have you always led a creative life?" - YES!

"When did you know creativity was your passion?" When I was young. 

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