Sunday, June 24, 2012

Blog Prompt for the Weekend (via Lori Anderson)

Blog Prompt for the weekend -- Why do you blog? Why did you start your blog, and has it changed from when you first started writing? If you're new to blogging, what are your goals for your blog?

Why do I blog? It is a way to memorialize my progress and my life. It is a visual of my work. AND - a way to keep up with others. It keeps my creativity alive! 

Why did I start my blog? It was suggested in a newsletter I receive. I planned to use it as free advertising for my jewelry. Has it changed since I started? Definitely. Now, it's not just about advertising my jewelry. It's about my life. It's about networking with others. 

My goals for my blog are to be consistent with it. And keep up with it, but to keep it simple!

Thanks Lori for the blog prompt!

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