Wednesday, June 20, 2012

And now for the rest of my winnings!

I recently won some beads from Gail Grenade-Accinelli. Enameled beads and lampwork beads. I used the enameled bead caps to make some earrings. (I posted them last week)
Today, I used Gail's lampwork beads combined with other lampwork beads I had obtained from various places. No two are alike! 

Here is my creation.

I also spent today with my youngest son and his 3 children, since my son had the day off. We spent 3 hours at the public swimming pool and another 3 hours at Chucky Cheese. 

"Ol' Blues eyes" - my youngest grandson - Hayden. 

My youngest son, Shawn, and his youngest son.

Shawn, Hayden, Paige, and Seth

MY youngest son and his kids, Hayden, Paige, and Seth

Hayden is a camera hog! But he's so darn cute!

They are tired from swimming for 3 hours.


My granddaughter - Paige.
Can we say "exhausted"?!
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