Sunday, May 27, 2012

My self-made Photo box

Today is Sunday - May 27, 2012. I continue to be ill. Stomach troubles. Yuck.

I've stayed busy taking photo's of my jewelry in my new self-made photo-box. I did my research once again. 

I took a translucent box (I normally use it for storage) and went outside. I covered the translucent box with a white pillowcase, placed silver tissue paper underneath. I gathered props, including rocks, seashells, dainty coffee cup, wine goblet, and a beautiful vase, as well as a clear flower vase, and a china dessert plate with a butterfly print. And scarves - many scarves in many colors. I began taking pictures. I took pictures from every angle, with different props. I took over 200 photos of earrings. I have amazed myself as most of them turned out beautiful! 

Check out some of my photos:

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