Sunday, May 27, 2012


I have been sick with some kind of flu-bug since Thursday. So - in an attempt to make me feel better, my sweet and wonderful boyfriend bought me a beginner's bead-making kit. Yes. A Lamp-work kit.

Friday, I stayed in bed all day, too weak to move. However, I watched every YouTube video known to man on lamp-work and bead-making!

It's Saturday and I think I'm well enough to venture out. It turns out I was wrong. But in the meantime, I purchased MAP gas, books on lamp-work, and safety glasses (the wrong ones). By the time I get home, I'm running a fever and feel terrible. Back to bed. 

Now, after much research, I have discovered there will be no instant gratification with the bead-making as I need special glasses called Didymium glasses and a kiln to "anneal" the beads. I found the glasses on amazon for $45. (OMG!) AND - I found a nice kiln on craig's list in my area for $200 - what a steal!! So - now I wait for my glasses to arrive and will be purchasing the kiln on Friday, June 1, 2012. 

I am not a patient person.  

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