Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Weekend 5.6.12

Wow! What a weekend! It started Friday with a bead/gem show here in Fort Smith, AR. It was like Christmas. I was like a kid in a candy store. I bought lots of beads! Saturday I returned to the bead/gem show with my mom - after we went to an estate sale! Lots of nice antiques. My boyfriend bought a lot of pink depression glass items at a steal of a price! At the Bead show - I bought more beads. And only duplicated 1 item!

My mom, my boyfriend, and myself went to an antique mall after the bead show. We shopped till we dropped! LOL! I acquired 2 very nice cast iron skillets and a nice cake/dessert set, as well as a wooden bowl full of wooden fruit (to match my kitchen decor). To end the day Saturday, my boyfriend and I went fishing until dark. I won! I caught 7 fish to his 3. None were worth keeping.

Today (Sunday) - I met my boyfriend's family and went to lunch with them. Very nice people. THEN - me and my boyfriend went fishing - again. All in all - a very grand weekend!

Tomorrow - I begin my beading frenzy for Old Timer's Day!
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